Realtime Reflections

Realtime Reflections is a free asset which brings real-time rendered reflections to your Unity game.

NOTE: Requires Unity Pro only if you are on Unity 4 (uses RenderToTexture and RenderToCubemap).


  • Consists of two kinds of reflections:
    1. Cubemap (Spatial) reflections, best for vehicles, meshes, etc.
    2. Planar reflections, best for mirrors, floors, etc.
  • Resolution can be changed according to performance and graphical requirements.
  • Documentation included
  • Two example scenes: one for planar reflections and the other for both spatial and planar reflections.
  • Compatible with any shader having a reflection map (“_Cube”) Property for Cubemap Reflections and the “_ReflectionTex” property for Planar Reflections
  • The layer mask can be changed to your needs.
  • Includes support for Unity 5 Reflection Probes.

Asset Store Link:!/content/21730